Steven J. Halm, DO, FAAP, FACP

Pediatrician/Internal Medicine Specialist
Medical Simulation and Education Specialist

Since starting my work at WVSOM as the Medical Director of the Clincical Evaluation Center (CEC, the Medical Simulation Center for the medical school) I've overseen many continuing projects and helped institute many others.

The following are a few of the programs I oversee:
- 2nd Year Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
- 3rd Year OSCE
 - The OSCE re-education program for 2nd and 3rd Year Medical Students
 - Provide the medical content expectations in an "OSCE Orientation Presentation" which I provided regionally to each WVSOM Statewide Campus site (six total)
- Inter-Professional Events involving
    2nd Year Medical Students and Advanced Nursing Students from Bluefield State College
    3rd Year Medical Students, PharmD Students, and Nursing Students from the University of Charleston
 - PE Prep Course - a recurring program to provide intense preparation for the biomedical/biomechanical and humanistic foundations of the COMLEX 2-PE national board examination.
 - Resident Simulation and Skills Days for local and regional Medical Residents
 - Advanced creative simulation experiences for the Rural Health Initiative students at WVSOM.  This included the first-ever medical simulation at one of the US Federal Academies, the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beckley, WV.
 - Assisted with the accreditation of the CEC at WVSOM - now one of only 44 such accredited medical simulation centers in the world (Society for Simulation in Healthcare).
- Conducted Faculty Development programs to advance high quality debriefing of students.
- Present programs to improve consistency in student reviews provided to WVSOM's Statewide Campus Assistant Deans.
- Assisted in the expansion of the simulation center from an 19,000 Sq Ft facility to nearly double the size to 37,000 Sq Ft.
- Provided an expectation of standard quality from simulation participants by providing a formal introduction to the "ground rules of simulation", including the widely accepted "Basic Assumption", the Fictional Contract, and the Safe Environment for Simulation Learning.

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

WVSOM is one of 30 accredited Osteopathic Medical Schools in the US and one of the 171  Medical Schools that educates the physician work force today.

The Osteopathic Medical profession currently represents 12% of the US physician work force.  By far, most current growth in US Medical Schools is provided by the growth in Osteopathic Medical Schools.  By 2020, 25% of all medical students in the US will be Osteopathic Medical Doctors by the time they graduate.  Osteopathic Physicians provide the largest percentage of primary care physicians (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Pediatrics).  Currently, 20% of all US Military Physicians are Osteopathic Medical School graduates.

WVSOM represent the No. 1 Primary Care medical school in the country.  We graduate more primary care physicians than any other school.